Work-In-Progress Tracks

heya! i’m pretty new to this whole forum thing and i don’t really know how it works, so please do tell me if i’m not doing it right! that aside…

i figure it would be a good idea to get the ball rolling by sharing some WIPs back and forth! i’d love to hear what producers on here are working on! i’ll start - hope y’all enjoy what i have to offer!


I don’t have anything at the moment to share, but I do have a question: What are your influences? This WIP has VGM-but-also-house elements, like a “space station cafe” vibe. :slight_smile:


well there’s always some sort of VGM-style element in the tracks i make, and it’s through no intention of my own! it just so happens that a lot of my musical inspiration comes from old 90s video games, especially games like the Sonic the Hedgehog series & the Mega Man X series. i also have a bit of inspiration from more modern composers, like Toby Fox and Christopher Larkin!
on the more electronic side of things, i’ve listened to a lot of music from labels like NoCopyrightSounds and Monstercat, though the former i haven’t listened to in quite some time. musicians from those two labels are huge influences for me.
alongside all that, this track specifically took inspiration from an artist i’ve only seen in one or two places:

well that sure was a lot more than i expected to write :p


this is sick! idk if you’re familiar with ukg but it gives me a little of that 2 step/shuffle vibe :))) very cool B)

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kind of wip i guess since everything i do is both finished and wip, but i made this one yesterday i think, hope you like it!

i did this on my sp 404sx with some drum samples and the intro of this youtuber i watch and then like effecting it and stuff on the sp :slight_smile:

(edited to update the link to a slightly better mix and add the last bit)


ooooh this has earthbound vibes, that modal harmony & the creeping vibe. i like this a lot. i might suggest varying up the chord progression here and there so it’s a touch less repetitive & grips the listener a tad more

good stuff!

This was my first song ever, produced half year ago. More than work-in-progress, this is parked for now. It is as done as I knew back then, and probably still today. The final sprint of mixing, polish and mastering is what is missing, but for being my first attempt I was happy. I had something in mind that turned out to be way more complicated than expected (I guess this is no surprise for the rest of you). After struggling quite a bit, I was happy when I could get an mp3 that at least my mom could listen to. :slight_smile: (and she loves it of course, totally unbiased opinion!)

It’s called “El desahucio” (the eviction) and it is inspired in the many violent evictions by the police of occupied buildings and social projects in Spain.

I’m very happy to hear this because the (quite repetitive) bass line is where this track started. I had it stuck in my brain (maybe from somewhere? I wonder) for years and when I decided to learn music production I started with it.

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@holokin @lwr82 @dj_enby and anyone else reading this, would you be interested in sharing your work-in-progress tracks using a git or git-like process? Please check Open music production.

The current state of my next project. I typically write a 16-32 bar phrase/core idea and then sprawl outwards from there, so I can bounce around between projects and work on the thing that interests me the most in the moment. It also gives me a nice vertical slice of the arrangement, so that way I can focus more on writing the tune in a single go instead of futzing with synth patches and finding the right sample or whatever.


@Ratttznest Nice! Please continue sprawling on that idea starting around 2:10. :slight_smile: I like the rich sonority and how it evolves into a melody a minute later.

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More an experiment than work-in-progress, but maybe I will come back to it one day.

More details at Bitwig meeting point.

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Since I last wrote, the last track in the sampler has been finished and is waiting for the rest of the project to be come together. In the meantime, one of the other tunes grew 32 bars or whatever, and I also added this to the project: