Woodshed Show-off

I wanted to see if we could have a fun discussion (since things are understandably heavy right now) about our practice / studio spaces - preferably with pictures! If there’s anything I’ve been doing while isolated it’s the hard work of practicing regularly and building my skills.

Here’s a shot of where I spend a lot of time cursing flubbed notes and intonations:

If you look really carefully, you can see where the mandolin and the bodhran are tucked away on the bookshelf.


I love this; it’s a home-y studio feeling. All it needs is some lights on the wall, or under the desk :smiley:

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This is a very timely topic, since I am upgrading these days. From squatting corners of our apartment whenever I wanted to practice to have a stable and dedicated location. It s still WIP and I am waiting for the right day to take the picture, but maybe I should forget about completing this setup soon, and share the picture anyway. Also, it won’t be as fancy as yours @genericperson!


A appreciate your kindness here, since the right monitor is held up by the box the power supply for the computer came in. I seem to gather instruments like a snowball rolling downhill though :blush: