Welcome to EQlzr


EQlzr aims to become a volunteer-driven community to learn, share and enjoy music production among equals. All levels and styles, all genders and colors, independent and free. Whether you are a person, a group or an organization, hobbyist or professional, non-profit or commercial… join EQlzr!

Why a new community? Click here.
  • To strive for an open community of music learners and musicians of all levels driven by gender diversity from the start.
  • To offer a respectful and friendly environment with a code of conduct and moderation.
  • To meet in a common place without the limitations and noise of the big corporate social media.
  • To build an open source platform that we can shape according to our needs.
  • To promote our altruistic or professional projects without depending on advertising and commercial interests.
  • To discuss in languages other than English, if there is demand for it.

EQlzr offers…

  • Community support about playing, DJing, producing, publishing and anything else directly or remotely related to music production. Ask questions, help finding answers.
  • Spaces to meet and collaborate about any topic (also around meeting points) and in any language, publicly or privately. If your topic or language is missing, just create a new discussion. If you want a private space, you only have to request it.
  • Ways to promote your projects among peers (music, tutorials, events, services…) including an In first person corner for new releases, gorgeous user profiles, an agenda/calendar, a map, even the possibility to have a customizable category for you.
  • Paths to get involved in the governance and moderation of this community, increasing your trust level as you participate. You are encouraged to participate in the maintenance and evolution of EQlzr.

Good first steps

You might be wondering what to do right after joining EQlzr. Here you have some ideas:

  • Introduce yourself in your profile. Images and links are welcome. Consider placing yourself in the map.
  • Say Hi! in the Introductions topic. All the better if you explain how you found EQlzr and what you expect from it.
  • Browse top topics, categories, tags, or try searching for keywords. If you find anything you like, click the :heart: and someone will receive a boost of motivation. If you find anything inappropriate, click the flag to report anonymously.
  • Post a comment in an existing topic or create a new one. Don’t worry about polish, just go ahead and if anything can be fine tuned, the little elves will help (they love newcomers).