United We Stream | female:pressure Circle

You can watch a recording of this session here:

United We Stream
female:pressure Circle
live from Christa Kupfer by Loftus Hall

Many thanks to United We Stream, Clubcommission Berlin and ARTE Concert for broadcasting our arts and music over the thin air! In our next Circle edition we present queer performers duo Hyenaz, live modular concert by Kritzkom, good vibes DJ set by Monibi, as a new talent showcases Nnamael and with emotional techno shower closes the event our own Akkamiau.

19:00 HYENAZ performance
20:00 Kritzkom live
21:00 Monibi
22:00 Nnamael
23:00 akkamiau - @akkamiau


The Berlin Club Culture is facing it ́s biggest challenge in history. On Friday, the 13th of March 2020, the whole of Berlin’s nightlife was officially shut down to prevent the spreading of Coronavirus. Therefore, about 9000 employees, as well as tens of thousands of artists are without work and wages and the many places that give Berlin part of it ́s identity face their ruin.

As a reaction to closing all Berlin Clubs and the rest of the world being in quarantine, Berlin ́s Clubs, concert venues, event organizers and artists declare their support for each other. Several times a week, clubs, concert venues, promoters* and artists* open their virtual doors on United We Stream to collect donations for the troubled scene.

Support United We Stream now at:



Berlin Worx e.V.
IBAN DE 55 4306 0967 1179 9831 00
at GLS-Bank

Thank you for saving Berlin’s Club culture and huge Thank you to Clubcommission Berlin and ARTE Concert!

More Info:
Homepage: http://femalepressure.net
Facebook: https://facebook.com/circleF
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/femalepressure

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Remember, this is today. Starting in a couple of hours!

Hi everyone! just sharing the archived stream from the Arte website! There was slight change, unfortunately I didnt perform due to personal stuff, but the club owners Lilly & Kazan took the last hour in their hands! Everyone did a great job! <3
check it out !

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Thank you @akkamiau! I have added the video link at the very top so future visitors don’t have to scroll down.

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