SybillaMusik on why we need more female music producers

SybillaMusik explains in plain words all the extra hassle women have to deal with in the music industry, just for the fact of being women in a male dominated environment.

ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A CIS MAN, please sit down and listen through the 14 minutes because there is a clear message there. The root of the problem Sybilla describes is less about gender parity and more about male producers treating female musicians with the same respect and professionality that they seem to have when working with other men. When women have to dress down, dodge, stop being themselves, bring friends/witnesses… to work with someone, what that someone is doing is plain sexual harassment.

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Her experiences are sad but helpful to hear about. I just keep seeing these types of calls being made for more females in music, to the point where it feels like the erasure of trans people is intentional. Sybilla being an independent musician I doubt it was malicious on her part, the fact that she herself phrases it this way–likely out of sheer ignorance of trans people and not knowing any personally. Even still, trans women are women and trans men are men and both need to be included in this discussion! This is without bringing race into the discussion, which I believe is another key part this woman is sadly missing. Idk she and the music community at large can do much better

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we also have a name “female:pressure” and there was discussion about the same issue, that it can be read exclusive, so we changed our description to “international network of database and network of women*, AFAB, transgender, transfeminine, transmasculine, intersex (+gender optional), genderqueer, gender nonconforming, a-gender or/and non-binary artists in electronic music and digital arts”, where * after women was added after discussion in our internal mailing list whether to use womyn, womxn or women, is im not mistaken…