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Recently I ran into Nuts and Bolts thanks to some algorithm. I watched a couple of videos. I got in the loop. I don’t think there is a way back. I find these episodes very interesting to watch and learn, even if I have no plans to go that far into musical experimentation. Inspiring.

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Nuts And Bolts creates video-tutorials and a podcast about music technology, as well as panel conversations, tips, workshops, and more…
Nuts And Bolts creates a different kind of gear-space, based on the experiences and needs of musicians and sound-workers from demographics that are marginalised in the realm of music technology.
Our podcast is hosted by music magazine extraordinaire The Quietus, 4 episodes per year. We artists like Maja S.K. Ratkje, Jessica Ekomane, and Nadah El Shazly about how they use and think about gear in their practice.

Our video series features gear-tutorials by the artists like Ale Hop, Korhan Erel, and Aya Metwalli about one of their central pieces of gear, and the occasional additional gear-interview.