Should EQlzr have a category about DJing?

Look at EQlzr’s categories. Should we add a new one about DJing?

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  • Maybe later
  • No
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Nowadays there is a big overlap between music producers and DJs, and even between DJing and music production on stage, or recording/streaming from home. Do we create a new category about DJing or do we leave our current structure as is, letting users decide what to do if they have DJing related topics?

Although EQlzr’s governance is as simple as the rule of three, this question is a good excuse to showcase for the first time the poll feature this forum has. :slight_smile:

This question was already asked in this month’s roadmap:

This week several interesting links showed up and I sensed that it was time to ask this question again.

First, there was United We Stream | female:pressure Circle.

Then, this article via Female Music Producers World:

Also, Charlotte De Witte releases Return to Nowhere EP and presents it in a spectacular setup at her own city (Ghent, although I don’t think she is locked down at the castle).


I’ve always thought of DJing, as a definition, mixing songs together for a set of X amount of time with the use of vinyl/digital mixing equipment.

The category by itself might help to keep things categorized – say, if someone has a question about DJing (as defined here) and not recording guitar.

That’s just me, though. I’m not a DJ, and I’m still mostly on the software side of music (it’s cheaper/space-saving), so I don’t know how people are doing hardware these days. :slight_smile:


Four voters! Let’s close the poll by the end of Sunday.

Yeah, well, nowadays everything is quite mixed (pun intended) but in a world of squared boxes DJs would mix recorded tracks, not necessarily playing any instruments in their performances and not necessarily producing any music themselves. i know, totally unfair definition. :smiley:

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Poll closed with eight voters and a “qualified majority” choosing Yes. Thank you to all participants.

I will create the new category this weekend. Still, i would be useful to hear more thoughts especially from those critics with the idea, to see how much of those concerns we can address.


Category created!

I have added a mention to DJs at the top banner and a mention to DJing at Welcome to EQlzr.

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