Search for collaboration: audio neural networks (generating music)

Hi everyone!
may i also try here to make a call for collaboration? Im looking for someone working with AI and speech recognition or generating music with WaveNet or SampleRNN
or anything similar around the topic who would be interested to join my recent project. I supposed to work on this with dadabots while we were at Factory residency, but unfortunately since corona started, they cant get involved, so im trying to search new connections. Please hit me up for more details about the project Voltage, photo is from shooting a dance video clip which is first part of the project/ performance.


Wow @akkamiau, you blew my mind.

I wonder whether @MystSaphyr or @hecanjog would be interested or might know someone who could be interested.

Hi dear! thanks for reply, in the end, i was lucky as dadabots found time to run my files via their network! and also i discovered a tool in max msp, mubu from ircam, which is amazing learning algorithm too! we are working on the clips and preparing event in october! will share some trailers later!