Scherpe Randjes podcast episode by Sarkha

Tune on the 2nd of July with Scherpe Randjes! Tough times on a global scale so I could not do other thing that reflect this rage and non-comformity. But quarantine gave me at least time to acquire more knowledge of sound, remake a template for next mixes & sets, produce tracks that I don’t like (and understand why xD), design new drum patterns, loops and fx and play a bit with hardware. Can’t wait to share what I’ve been working on :heart:

Dank je well to @scherperandjes for the invitation. It has been a challenging mix since it is, so far, the most “layered” set I created. Quarantine has brought many drawbacks to the music industry but also it has been an opportunity for many artists to come up with crafted works. And so, I’m happy to see them growing and get inspired by their sounds. Tracks that helped me to reflect all the chaos of the last months.

Not only the corona pandemic has unveiled the fissures of the structure in which is built our society, but also the anti racist global rioting. So here it is a mix with pre- /post apocalyptic soundscapes blended with some club nostalgia (and mourning, since many clubs will close forever…) and the violent disappointment of the hope that I had for an utopian change.

May the Klappertjes be with you.