Recording your practice

Though this could easily be a “well, duh” post, I had a re-validation of the value of recording practice.

I am in the process of learning Bodhran, an Irish Traditional Hand drum. Since I am primarily a bass player and have lived in the rhythm section for 30+ years, I had it in my head that my timing was good.

Maybe. On bass.

When I recorded and played back with a click track, I was able to review my performance and see where I faltered. Even better yet was pulling up the waveform display in my DAW’s recording lane and seeing how far off my beats were from the beat grid. f

So here’s to the irony of improving your live playing by recording.

I’d be interested to see how other people use recording to help build their practice.

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Only recently I’ve been exploring “live recording”, and I’m certain now that I fare far better with improv/free tempo styles :sweat_smile:

In time, I’m sure I’ll have something more structured. For now, though, it’s all ambience.


Right - yeah, these are only live in so much as it’s actually me using recording a practice in a DAW as a tool to improve things like tone, intonation, and timing.

It’s mostly applicable to live / traditional instruments for sure.

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What’s “practice”?



That theoretical thing I’m supposed to be doing (along with: notating my lead sheets, counting time, improving sight reading… :laughing:)

Just a contribution to this conversation from another angle. I practice with Melodics which, at the end, it’s all about timing. You hit the right notes at the right time, you pass. You don’t, then try again. Melodics doesn’t care whether you are hitting keys with the right fingers, if you manage to play chords with your elbows that counts too (although they tell you which finger is supposed to hit which keys). :slight_smile:

Now, there are two ways to pass these lessons: looking at the screen or just playing by ear. The more I learn the more I see the point of practicing without looking at the screen. The feeling I am grasping is the difference between playing videogames skillfully (you hit keys at the right times following cues on a screen) and playing actual music “from within”.