Polychromatic Music

I’ve recently discovered Dolores Catherino, who makes music with microtonal intervals. It’s an absolute joy to listen to, so I thought I would share here some of her youtubes.

for example! This is quite old now (composed in 2012) but I find it so inspirational to listen to the performance. The sounds of the pads swelling up, and subtle shifts in intonation and pitch.

It looks an incredible complex instrument to play, yet so liberating pitchwise.


Very interesting @kat! I wanted to learn the basics and I found this intro by Dolores Catherino:

She has a TEDx talk as well, although I found the intro above more informative, more practical.

This is fresh, published a couple of weeks ago. Relaxing AND unsettling?

I was imagining Dolores landing with this Lumatone in the European Middle Ages and performing in a public square. Would she be considered someone sent by God or the Devil? I guess that, in doubt, someone would start preparing a stake.

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