Oldschool trance, but modern

I don’t know how to do this, but I’ll do my best now that I’ve looked at a few other posts.

I’m an electronic music producer (with issues about my everything because emotions and brains are hard) with a focus on drum and bass, uplifting trance, and ambient styles (John Serrie, Briano Eno, etc). Anything I call “done” will go up on Bandcamp, and I’ll certainly scream about it for a week on Mastodon. :stuck_out_tongue: The above song is my crown jewel of trance music. It was interesting to make, and an experiment in off-rhythm (“swing”) basslines, and definitely a time to expand with different effects and fills. The art for everything I do is photos taken from Flickr (CC-BY or CC0, or a variation of the former) and layered and chopped and pieced together until it’s cool, then I heck that up some more until it’s way cooler. ^^

I started poking around with music software about 10 years ago, but only in the last 2 or 3 have I gotten good enough to comfortably say it sounds good (which is a story on its own). It’s all done on my 10 years old computer through headphones, so if one of y’all is listening through your $5,000 monitors, I won’t know the difference with which to compare.

Let me know what y’all think of this one, or the other ones. My most recent release is an ambient EP which was inspired heavily by Serrie’s And The Stars Go With You.

The title is a reference to what I’ve been told by several people so far: my style is oldschool but with modern sounds. Personally, I just do what I think sounds good to me. ^^


fixed the link. i guess the forum doesn’t like embed code? :S

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Yesterday I wrote “swing” about another track and then I remembered your mention here:

I like your experiment, and that said trance is not my preferred style. The several layers combine very well and I guess you did your homework with the EQ because each one sounds clear and you seem not to be leaving any empty spaces. I like the different phases and transitions connected by the so-trance melody. I can imagine this track blending in the sound of a party (or an old school rave). :slight_smile:

PS: in case you are interested in Freudian connections, when I read “Oldschool trance”, my brain retrieved this from old memories.

Thanks!! While I’d like to say “I know many things of the EQ”, my usual process is starting out with what I remember (guidelines), and then by the end, throwing sledgehammers and glue to see what happens. :sweat_smile:

I forget his name, but it was something a producer said once which has been stuck in my mind and reinforced what I had felt but couldn’t describe: Layer your sound together in such a way that it sounds like one really big instrument. I knew layers were the key to getting big and complex sound, but that one particular thought really helped my brain focus on how the end result should be.

Which is a long way of saying, thanks for the compliment :slight_smile: I do what I can.

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Very nice mixing. I’m not a big fan of trance music, but the mix sounds balanced and sharp.


@lwr82 This morning I woke up with an earworm about this song, and a few hours later it is still running. I guess this is the best compliment a brain can make about a song. :sweat_smile:

I am extremely into the sound of this. The trance genre was the big entry point for my interests in both DJing and in dance music production (though I ultimately ended up as a house DJ/producer before falling off the dance production wagon a while back.) This track absolutely sounds good enough to slot into a mix and has amazing energy.

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