New work - opinions?

HI, I just uploaded a new work on Youtube.
What do you think?


Very cool, @Soma! By “new work” do you mean the video with the music track? I watched the video yesterday (twice) and today I had impressions of the video all along. I cannot detach the images from the music. Then again I am a fan of cloud chambers and anything sub- micro- nano- :slight_smile:

The music. I wish I knew more about theory and history to better explain my feeling. While the sound and the result of rhythmic layers sounds contemporary, there is something about the basic beat remind me to… the swing of the 40s? No matter how, is in my brain now. I like the layers and the variety of textures, how they combine.

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It is very chillaxing. I am reminded of house mixed with ‘mellow electronica’ elements. The off-beat kick pattern is a really great addition, well done. c:


Thanks, I made both the video and the audio. However, the video was mainly mixing youtube downloads.

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