New noise project pillar of garbage

last month I started a new project where I make weird/harsh/ambient sounds


Very cool! You are hitting an aesthetic there.

I wonder what are your starting points both for the sounds and the voices. Is it synthetic sound from scratch or do you have samples? Are the initial voices “normal” or already “forced” from scratch?

It’s funny because I had the impression that dead of codes was your Mr Hyde, but after hearing this I wonder whether that was your Dr Jekyll all along. Or something. :sweat_smile:

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thank you for listening! both tracks started out with vocal recordings I did for collaborations with Crystal Cage that didn’t work out. Then I added synths (and other ambient sound effects) to create sounds that could, by nature of their construction, have weird little frequency and volume shifts just by sustaining them for a long time. So it sounds like something’s happening, but all I’m doing is a sustaining a single note. the whole idea of the project is for me to do very little “constructing” of the tracks, and just let the sounds “live”.

hahaha about the Jekyll/Hyde comparison :smile: There are many musical personalities in my head

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:open_mouth: :exploding_head: :scream: :flushed: :dizzy_face:

(I’m starting to run out of words. I’m such a target and such a fan of all this! Let me know when you sell shirts.)

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wow thanks! I will definitely let you know when I figure out how to sell shirts! :smiley:

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Oh, there is a second one indeed.

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