New category suggestion: sound design

Sound design is a big part of electronic music production. IMO it deserves a category.

This could range from specific music synthesis techniques (ex: how do I get this sound with this synth?) to general theory more rooted in digital signal processing (DSP).



Another interesting suggestion, thank you again. :slight_smile: And the same reminder: if we get a third person in agreement (see the rule of three), we will create this category.

And the same question: should it be a category on its own or a subcategory of #produce?

Good question! Well, sound design and synthesis is often seen as a subcategory of music production. It’s probably the most common topic I see on music production forums. However, I’d still want it to be its own category.

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@paul Very good! Let’s do this. I just need a short description, if possible consistent with other category descriptions.

Sound Design: All things related to sound design theory and techniques used in music production.

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