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If the conversation catches up we can think about expanding to specialized topics and an own category. For now, there is also a #melodics tag that you can use and follow.

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My streak on Pads and Keys wasn’t impressive, but in the last days work + EQlzr beat me down during several days. I am determined to recover the daily cadence.

Anyone else learning with Melodics?

If you aren’t but you are curious, let me tell you that I started with the free program last September or so, and I went like this for a bit more than a month. In addition to the initial free lessons, there are new daily lessons at

Eventually I moved happily to the paid version, when I was certain that I was committing to the daily routine and that Melodics was bringing me somewhere.

PS: I have no affiliation with Melodics. I just like the product, and also the human support.

New video:

I have (good!) things to say about practice mode in Melodics, but I will until someone else shows up here. :slight_smile: