Maps for EQlzr users and topics

EQlzr offers a map of users and a map of topics. By 2020-05-24 the maps are quite empty but maybe one day…

If you want to appear in the map, go to your profile and select your location.

Topics in the categories #listen-watch and #social-political can have a location. You can locate studios, concert venues, music schools… or simply the location where a music video, a news piece and so on is taking place.

When you create or edit a topic in these categories, you will see an “Add location” button. Click it, enter the information, click “Find address”, select the address, and click Done.

With privacy in mind, the locations are approximate on purpose, down to city/town and optional zip code. No streets and numbers. If you are still concerned but want to appear in the map, just pick an alternative city or town nearby. Precision is not the point, what matters is our presence!

Comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.

Map tiles by Stamen Design, CC BY 3.0 — Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors.