Let's Talk...Audio Interfaces!

Hello World!

I recently, asked my IG fam this question and I thought you guys might have something good to say as well.

Recently, I had my PreSonus Audiobox USB interface give out on me. Obviously that is a bummer. However, I have spent the last few days doing research for a new interface. So, what I would like to know is: what is your favorite 2-channel USB, under $300 interface and why? How long have you had it? What is your favorite feature and how do you use the interface? To record music, podcast, live on stage mixing, etc.

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I also use the PreSonus Audiobox USB so I’m not much help. But my friend uses Focusrite Saffire USB and says he likes it!

I tried looking that one up. It seems to be an older one that people really like. I recently started considering either the PreSonus Studio 24C and the Motu M2. They seem to be very exciting in terms of features.