Keedysville, by Capharnaum County Magicians Society

Oh hey, thanks so much for posting that! I’ve been posting solo performance clips to youtube and dabbling with audio production for years now but for me, Keedysville is the culmination of 30+ years of learning how to play my instruments, learning how to record/mix/master, acquiring good hardware and software to finally get a cohesive project across the finish line.

The audio and performance quality is a little uneven (most of these were originally recorded on various iphones over a number of years, without any real formal intent) but my real big achievement with this project was getting out of my own way and just doing the thing.


The variations in audio quality give the album a sort of informal and nostalgic quality. Didn’t decrease my enjoyment of the music any.


Also let me say, what a beautiful cover. So silent and it tells so much.

(I have spun off a new topic and now this album is featured in our main page.)

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Thank you both for the kind words! The cover was a photo I captured the first year I attended AEBG.

One of the regular events each year was a Saturday evening public concert. Chairs would be set up in the barn and a small riser served as the stage. George Wunderlich led off the concert that night, and placed his banjo (a reproduction of a circa 1850 William Boucher banjo which he made) on a chair, and I managed to capture that photo of it.

One thing I ran out of time for is a digital booklet with a cohesive list of sources and credits. This was the image I had picked out for the back cover:

If you want a sense of what this music actually sounds like in that beautiful old barn, watch this:

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