Juno Hopes - REWIND

Hi everyone! I released my first single called “REWIND” last friday!

I’m a self-taught queer, nonbinary, jewish and disabled singer/songwriter/producer and visual artist from Hamburg, Germany. I do everything (except Mastering) myself, which is why my music might not be the most polished out there, but i’m learning more and more with each song. My music is somewhere between Electro/Dark/Hyper Pop and R&B. REWIND was heavily inspired by Drum and Bass and i wrote it out of the desperation i felt by living in a decaying world. It took me a long time to get myself to release something, even though I’ve been making music for over 10 years! I was always scared that i just wasn’t good enough, but enough of that! I’d be happy if you’d listen to REWIND and tell me what you think :slight_smile:

here’s a link to all major streaming platforms and shops!


Hi @junohopes, I find REWIND is such a good first single! I have listened it a few times these days, and it keeps growing.

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thank you!! happy you like it :purple_heart:

@junohopes, Rewind has many instruments and yet the song sounds and feels very compact. If I hear the song casually, it just flows with a slightly sophisticated simplicity, but hearing further I have the impression that you put a lot of attention to detail bringing many elements to the mix.

Can you explain how did you end up with these tracks, and was this more or less the idea you had from the start? How did you settle on these instruments?

I’m curious because many evenings I will start looking for an instrument, a type of sound, and then I will spend the hours just browsing, not producing a thing. Then it’s 2am and I feel hopeless. :slight_smile:

oooh, the reese in this track gives a really nice industrial feel
love that drum break in the middle, a nice breather
808 snares, always a good choice
this song has a feeling of muted, restricted movement, which is quite fitting for the title

good stuff!

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