Is Telekom Electronic Beats intentional about gender diversity?

Youtube’s algorithm places this video at the top of my home:

Sure enough, I click it, and as I start watching it I think: is this coincidence or someone here has been intentional about gender diversity?

Telekom is clearly a for-profit corporation and Electronic Beats is explicitly a marketing program. It would be interesting to know how intentional they are being about gender diversity, because if they are, they have probably done their math and they have found such diversity an interesting asset. Good for business.

Curious about this question, I start clicking:

  • is thankfully a quite open Contact Us page (considering how opaque and discouraging these pages paradoxically can be). Gender diversity can be seen in the main seats of responsibility of this program. The hypothesis is now consistent from product to management.

This is not an investigation and I will leave it here. What do you think or what do you know? Is this a success story of corporate money being invested in teams more diverse than usual, resulting in a marketing program more diverse than usual? (which might contribute their tiny bit to close the gender gap in electronic festivals and the music industry?)

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It definitely seems like they’re trying! At the very least they’re promoting some interesting artists on there so it’s worth checking out!

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