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Hi! I’m the first human in this new forum and I am not sure who I am waiving at. :sweat_smile:

I love communities, collaboration, and learning from interesting people.

In the music world I’m literally nobody. After years of being an avid music listener, last Summer I finally grabbed a MIDI keyboard, started learning with Melodics, started toying with Bitwig, and just a few weeks ago I rewarded myself with an MPC One. I’m still very bad (very) but I am having a great time learning.


Hi there!

I am a veteran electronic experimental musician from Galiza (Spain) no too active in the last times. But I’m here!

Thanks to all of you who make this forum possible. I hope I can share with all of you, and have a good time together.

See you :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t4:



I’m from the United States Midwest (Central States). I play various instruments including electric and upright bass, irish bouzouki, guitar, synth/piano, bodhran, and saxophone. I’ve been writing music of my own for several decades now.

I’m no longer an active music professional, but am considering changing that or putting my music to work to raise money for (and awareness of) social causes.

I truly hope this site takes off! It’s nice to get in on the ground level.



I’m a computer musician from Slovenia. I make electronic music from a wide range of genres, but broadly looking there are dancefloor bass/breaks influenced directions on one hand and more experimental noise/drone on the other.

I run a small boutique netlabel called Kamizdat dedicated to local Slovene adventurous music.

I’m a big fan of libre/open source software and Creative Commons. I run two Mastodon instances, one of them is dedicated to musicians, sound artists, composers - people making sound/noise/music in various ways:

This place looks full of potential and I hope it takes off. Thanks for inviting me in.


Hello hello! I found this place through a Mastodon post and got intrigued so I figured I’d join. Really interesting platform so far!

I’m a hobbyist computer musician from the southeastern US! I started off making covers using VOCALOID and UTAU in 2009, then a few years ago I decided to try my hand at creating original songs. My DAWs of choice are Logic Pro and Reaper, and I share my vocalsynth content under Studio VOXYZ!

This seems like a really chill space :blue_heart:


Hi, I’m a recording engineer from NY State. Recording and electrical engineering are what I went to school for. Being able to record full time is what I want to do, but it’s difficult in any economy, particularly a covid economy. To pay the bills I work as a technical director at a fine arts museum, which is actually fun and fulfilling.

So I started in studios around 1997, and studios then were basically all ADAT. I was fortunate to work in studios that had ADATs and 24 track analog machines. This really shaped the way I do production. I’m fortunate to be able to work at a studio now that is all analog, which is fun. The guy who owns the gear has all kinds of cool vintage toys to play with.

I’m also a big gear builder. I’m in the process of building a ton of stuff to open up a small room of my own, and hopefully to combine with a friend and open a proper studio in a building his parents are giving him to use in some sort of productive fashion.

RIght now my builds are focusing on some SSL 9000 preamp clones, some Studer 169 console EQ clones, some compressors designed by a dude on GroupDIY, some 1176 clones from Hairball, and various vintage microphone clones.

I am a musician. Mostly guitar but when I was a kid my folks made me play the clarinet. I wasn’t particularly fond of that but when I discovered polyphony the guitar was my thing.

I also spend a lot of time on the Discogs music marketplace buying cool and rare CDs. Listening to music is just as important as recording, and eating, for me.


Hey, it worked for Boston, amirite? :smile:

Tom did OK for himself. :grin:

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heey! name’s ambi, found this place through a mastodon post! i’m more into composition than i am production lately, but i still do a little bit of both! i love music theory, and i have plenty of other hobbies ranging from logo design to programming!


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I can’t believe I missed this topic. I’ll do my best. :slight_smile:

I’m an electronic music producer from the southern US (the current temperature is Awful degrees, help), I make trance, drum and bass, ambient, and I post nature recordings on occasion (via Mastodon, elsewhere later).

I started playing guitar when I was 13, and I progressed far enough to say that, on good days, I could fairly cleanly play Satriani songs :stuck_out_tongue: But once I found out about electronic music – specifically, the uplifting sub-genre of trance – I stopped almost overnight. I guess I was searching for something that I could really “feel”, like angelic dust within cosmic rain, beading up and dripping off the leaves of glowing forests.

As of now, I’m in the process of trying to “Git Gud,” but it’s a very slow and painful process. I’m not a marketer, and I’m not a fan of in-your-face advertisements (but that seems to be what one has to do?). Hopefully one day I can make it a living, or supplant it as 35%+ income. Double challenge trying to do when one is a fan of Creative Commons. :sweat_smile:

ANYWAY I’ve dragged this out too long, but that’s my story (I think?).


I’m waving back ! Almost two months later, but I’m waving !

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Hi I’m Rockie!! I came here frome the fediverse ( and I like drum and bass and hip hop and to try and make them sometimes!!! I like to go by they/them or she/her pronouns andddddd that’s all I can think of right now xD. I hope to connect with some cool peeps in here!

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Hi I’m Paul. I’m from the United States, currently based in New England. I guess these days I’d call myself a “music technologist”, whatever that means. I tend to tell people that I teach computers how to sing. Not exactly a music producer, though I do brush up against it constantly.

My background is in music. I’m a classically trained instrumentalist who went to a contemporary music school, where there was more of a focus on jazz and pop music. While I technically was taught conventional music production in my major, my main focuses were in computer music composition and audio programming. After my undergrad, I went to grad school to get my masters, where I found myself surrounded by engineers instead of musicians, which was an interesting change of pace. It was there that I learned a bit more about DSP, and got exposed to some really brilliant and creative people along the way.

My focus tends to be in computer music that is interactive and generative nature. I’ve done all sorts of things over the years: a synthesizer for Android (that apparently cats in Russia really like?), embedded DSP frameworks that have been ported to everything from desktop/mobile, to embedded eurorack systems, to AmigaOS, quirky stack-based languages for synthesizing sound, and writing music software using eye-tracking technology for individuals with ALS.

I build a lot of my own software for my music. Pretty much all the music I write these days is in my self-contained musical software ecosystem. My regular challenge is getting myself to stop building half-baked tools, and actually start using them to make music as more of a regular practice. So this has been my shift in focus lately.

Looking forward to lurking about here.


Oh hello!

I’m a singer, composer & songwriter from Southern Germany. I dropped out of opera school when I was 22 and shifted to studying literature and musicology. Among other things, I teach music theory and do music editing (i.e. sometimes people pay me to whip their notated music into something printable) to pay my bills.

My main instrument is still my voice; others are guitar, piano/keyboard and, very occasionally and very badly, ukulele. I discovered SuperCollider around April 2019 and have been tinkering with it ever since. Sometimes I make electronic music with free/libre music software (mostly on Linux).

I’m looking forward to fun and interesting discussions here!


I do my mixing and mastering on linux as well.


Hello, I’m Ratttz. I was invited here from Mastodon (I’m; I’m a they/them electronic music producer, and most of what I work on is floating in a sort of three pole spectrum of dance music, music for games and media, and instrumental/listenin’ music. I dropped out of music school when it became clear that the daily abuse from my instructors wouldn’t end, and that no one had a reasonable career path for anyone in the program.

I work almost entirely in FL Studio (Though I do get some sounds from gear occasionally). I’m quietly obsessed with flipping samples. A disturbing amount of my sound design is accomplished with a bandpass filter, distortion, and exactly three OTT’s, and an EQ in that order.

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Hey, I’m Beverly, though I publish music under the name Midnight Animals. Currently based up in the pacific northwest of the United States but I was an east coast resident for a long time prior. Found out about this site through my partner, Ratttznest who joined recently.

Been making electronic music for a bit over two decades, though I didn’t really start publishing anything until around 2015. Had a multi-year run with dance music, mostly house oriented, that overlapped with my most active DJing period.

Recently been settling back into my industrial music roots, but I also like to experiment with jazz and create chill-out stuff. Also really enjoy the mixing and mastering processes, though my home “studio” severely limits what I can accomplish on the mastering end. I’ve always hoped to find work as a mixing and mastering engineer but never really found the right door into the industry.