How moderation works in EQlzr


Someone at #female-pressure asks a very good question:

Who will moderate this platform? I can already tell that it will take a team and there will be need to do shifts and probably constant attention.

Indeed, but keep reading. :slight_smile:

EQlzr commits to offer a respectful and friendly environment with a code of conduct and moderation. Right now we only have generic guidelines but a proper code of conduct is planned as soon as there is a critical mass of contributors to discuss it.

Discourse (the open source software used to build this platform) offers several features that help simplifying and distributing moderation work:

  • Trust levels limit newcomers’ possibilities of causing harm and grant more rights to experienced users liked by the community, including partial or complete moderation rights.
  • Automatic detection of spam and vandalism helps catching new posts following a known anti-pattern, sending them directly to a moderation queue.
  • Users can flag posts that they consider inappropriate. Peer moderation is the most effective. Moderators get notified when a post has been reported. A post flagged by multiple uses may be automatically hidden (trust levels play a role here too). Authors of the posts reported cannot see who is reporting them.
  • There are many moderation features to cover the grey area between doing nothing or banning a user for life. Quick and progressive reactions to disrespect and abuse tend to resolve situation better than inaction until a situation is unsustainable.

Still, a community with several moderators is better than a community with none or just one. EQlzr is born to become an open community, and that means open governance too. Join in and bring your friends to this safe space. And if you are interested in becoming a moderator (of a category or the entire site) let’s talk!

Image: Flag solid icon by Font Awesome (CC BY)

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Now there is a first version of a code of conduct: