How Distrokid works

(If there is interest we can convert this post into a meting point about Distrokid – see #meeting-points )

Has anyone here got direct experience using Distrokid?

Distrokid’s affiliate program seems to be working because The Algorithm is bringing several related videos to my attention. Genuinely curious, I did a quick research and I have selected a few videos just in case someone is interested.

Disclaimer: there are several videos with just a few viewers with producers explaining why they have left Distrokid, and I didn’t have time to watch them. I’m not promising an unbiased selection!

DistroKid Features Walkthrough of Backend + What Makes Them Unique

I like to see actual screen of web services, and this video by Auret Music is rich on them. A comprehensive overview.

13 Facts About Online Distribution - Everything You Need To Know - DistroKid

LNA Does Audio Stuff takes a general overview to music distribution and centers her examples on Distrokid.

DistroKid is the Best Place for Producers and Artist to make Money !!!

By Bolo Da Producer, a plain and simple overview focusing on the “business offer”.

Any thoughts or recommended links to learn more and check other perspectives?

And another video about Distrokid, this one from @Estellerubio! Interesting context and first person experiences as an artist selling their music without selling their soul.