How Distrokid works

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Has anyone here got direct experience using Distrokid?

Distrokid’s affiliate program seems to be working because The Algorithm is bringing several related videos to my attention. Genuinely curious, I did a quick research and I have selected a few videos just in case someone is interested.

Disclaimer: there are several videos with just a few viewers with producers explaining why they have left Distrokid, and I didn’t have time to watch them. I’m not promising an unbiased selection!

DistroKid Features Walkthrough of Backend + What Makes Them Unique

I like to see actual screen of web services, and this video by Auret Music is rich on them. A comprehensive overview.

13 Facts About Online Distribution - Everything You Need To Know - DistroKid

LNA Does Audio Stuff takes a general overview to music distribution and centers her examples on Distrokid.

DistroKid is the Best Place for Producers and Artist to make Money !!!

By Bolo Da Producer, a plain and simple overview focusing on the “business offer”.

Any thoughts or recommended links to learn more and check other perspectives?


And another video about Distrokid, this one from @Estellerubio! Interesting context and first person experiences as an artist selling their music without selling their soul.

I’ve used DistroKid and found their publishing processes easy to work with. I haven’t released anything recent through DK though, mostly because I’m extremely on the fence about whether being on any of the usual services (iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, etc.) is worth it for indie artists who can’t really afford to play the algorithm game. I don’t get a lot of sales via my primary channel, Bandcamp, but I’ve made significantly more there than on any service I’ve published to through DK.

That’s slightly off-topic though. By all means, count me as a DistroKid user who’s been satisfied enough with them to not feel the need to jump to one of the other popular distributor platforms yet.

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My last two releases were on Distrokid and while the process was extremely painless and cheap, I haven’t made a cent on it, and I haven’t found any traction from, say, algorithmic suggestions or whatever. I think that the services that Distrokid provides are actually force multipliers of your reach elsewhere.

Where I have had success, weirdly, is Bandcamp and Soundcloud. My last release was purchased by a complete rando likely from tag searching (The Hard Techno tag moves kinda slow), and Soundcloud promotes my last release much more than I would expect, but I suspect that Soundcloud has a lot more metadata to work with when it comes to suggesting me to other people than the services that DK provides access to.

I used DistroKid about 4 years ago quite a bit, when starting the netlabel. It became too expensive for the label (many artists), but I’ve found the whole backend really well done and it always gave me a feeling stuff is there really for the artists. I was especially dissaponted later, when I switched to Symphonic Distribution (because label, many artists) and the money did not came when it came to Symphonic D. Symphonic trasferred money to your Symphonic account (not to the bank) only in quarters, while Distrokid immediately showed how much came from where and for which months. The feeling was much more transparent than Symphonic. Of course, how much people stream and download from Apple and Spotify does not depend on Distrokid at all, but on stores themeselves or how much you promote endpoints yourself (as na artist or label).