Has anyone tried Syntorial?

After some thought I have installed the demo version of Syntorial. It offers the first 22 lessons (out of 199). I have started today with pulse and saw waves. So far so good. :slight_smile:

The full version costs 131,99 €, a respectable investment. I wonder whether anyone here has tried it.

I’m also curious about other ways to learn about sound synthesis. I am not an enthusiast of structured learning, but having a job, family responsibilities and some passion for sport, the time left for “music” is limited and I welcome some structure. Otherwise time flies just browsing and poking through virtual instruments and presets.


Looks like a decent way to get started. I mostly just use YouTube when I want to expand my synthesis knowledge these days. Not a particularly helpful comment, I imagine, but there’s just so much content on there at this point that you can kind of just browse until you find someone who explains things in a way that you can grasp and then just begin absorbing and experimenting.

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this looks cool! I first started experimenting with sound synthesis when I learned how to program my microKorg. I still have a lot to learn, but it’s cool to try out different combinations and hear how the sound changes.

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