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Tibães, by Alvesgaspar / CC BY-SA

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The Piano’s Ivory Cage - https://wmich.edu/mus-theo/groven/ivorycage.html

A plain text article, and a very colorful one. Hinting at the beauty of Polychromatic Music or simply anything beyond the limitation of 12-tone equal temperament that pianos forced us into during the 20th century. It makes me want to start trying that Microtuning in Bitwig Studio even more.

I’m no music theory expert, not even a proper learner, but I am interested. The other day I was playing with some notes, I liked how they sounded, and after a quick investigation I learned that they were in the key of G natural minor. I’m still at that level where anything beyond C Major is interesting and yet unfamiliar territory, so I decided to learn more about this scale until it becomes familiar, natural in my fingers.

This is how I stumbled upon a page that is basically an informative ad of a piece of software, but it was informative indeed and contained an interesting link to Schubert’s Affective Musical Key Characteristics. There I found the link to the Piano’s Ivory Cage.

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