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Common ground, common goals, common courtesy, common action.

Currents is a digital space created by and for the music community.

  • For artists and collectives: they can create a personal channel to publish lists of music for the community. Then keep it free or accept tips to directly support the work of artists.

  • For listeners and fans: they can use the Currents tools to build expressive personal libraries.

Currents is maintained by a small team of people from around the world. The team is composed by 100% people of colour, LGBTQ+, or both. They came together because they want to see change in industries, both music and tech, that extract value from our communities with little respect for human impact.

Currents is imagining — and building — an alternative.

The music industry is more profitable than ever, but even with unprecedented distribution and widespread accessibility, music pays so little that most artists still rely on performing constantly to make ends meet. With the recent crisis, the industry has all but shut down, making clear the precariousness of these unsustainable cracks.
Under the light of the recent events, Currents decided to support the BLM Protests, with a Protest movement hub called the MUTEK NEXUS Festival.

The MUTEK festival space was intrinsically a space and tools for collective communication and democratised multimedia.

Centered around a virtual events venue that seeks to inspire the immediacy of in-person club culture in a digital format. It involved a number of exploratory interactions, including AV dual-livestreams, private/public chat rooms, videochat, and global community streams!

With a separate station as a space for links to resources: lists of Black-owned/centered organizations, places to donate, books, collections of readings, and all related context.

COMMON: the Continuation of MUTEK NEXUS - preview at

How can momentum from music events directly translate to long-term support, and how can a movement built on collective action result? Since MUTEK NEXUS finished, Currents have been adapting the space to become a living virtual events venue that is open to the community.

All the elements from MUTEK NEXUS will be live on, as an open space on Currents.
On the 4th of July, Currents will kick off a running series of ‘club nights’ called COMMON (“common ground, common goals, common courtesy, common action”).

  • Events at Common will engage explicitly with the intersections between grassroots music, sustainability, and collective action.

  • Entry will be free to all with encouragement to financially support the artists and causes involved. Subscribers to artist or label channels will be able to access all of the features that make the space/venue feel alive and intimate. 100% of financial support will be forwarded.

  • Common encourages the centering of Black, Brown, and underrepresented voices, and the causes that we are collectively fighting for.

COMMON first edition: on Saturday 4th July from 00:00 to 24:00 CET, featuring line-ups by female:pressure, ZULI, and Radio Nopal.

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I’m there right now. The space is open but I’m not sure there are any performances live yet? I see the schedule and I can enter “spaces” for the events theoretically happening right now, but everything seems to be silent.

Maybe I’m missing something… I’ll keep investigating. Very interesting!

PS: I tried again an hour later, and it works now. Exciting!

Hej Hej! I just entered the event to check the look & feel of the page. But it works for me. I was able to enter the live stream of mmmmmmalak. But I read in the chat that they had some technical issues. Maybe you just had the bad luck to land there when the stream was down! See you at 8CEST in the RIVER room :slight_smile:

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(live with @INVERИO)

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