Female:pressure podcast 62 Hypnotic Black Magic

Hypnotic Black Magic is a Berlin-based ambient DJ. Part of Art Bei Ton and resident at the event series Ambient Sleepers, HBM’s goal is to create different musical journeys between dark and bright ambient.

Tomoko Sauvage - Clepsydra
Pan Daijing - The Island Within
Eastel - Tension
Tomoko Sauvage - In Some Brighter Sphere
Adriana Lopez - It All Adds Up
Antenes - Dream Uncreates The Land
Fjader - Satori
Aleja Sanchez - Epona
Ina Kacz - Morning With You
Aleja Sanchez - The Acheron Passage (Electric Indigo Remix)
nara is neus - Please Do Not Sit In The Boarding Area
Fjader - Ion
Morgen Wurde feat. Maria Estrella - Schien Immer
Dasha Rush - Ocean Shy
Grand River - The Question Is
AKB - Öbagen
Hydrangea - Mirror Fragment
Claire M Singer - Tùs
Grand River - Recollection
Caterina Barbieri - Closest Approach



this is pretty sick honestly, thanks for the share!

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I agree! I was driving when listening to most of this mix and there was one track thta I thought “don’t forget about this one!”

After searching a bit, it was this one:

I cannot describe.