Fediverse meeting point

This is a meeting point for people active in the Fediverse and also for anyone willing to learn more.

The Fediverse is the network of free social networks. It includes platforms like Mastodon (microblogging), Funkwhale (music/audio) and PeerTube (video), which (mostly) federate between them. The quantity of users in these free networks is way smaller than their commercial counterparts supported by big business and big politics. Still, just like with music, some people care about quality, involvement, passion, independence, DIY… and the Fediverse is rich in all these areas. Open licenses to freely download, distribute, reuse, mix, derive… are key in the Fediverse, and this is another point of connection with musicians in the same wavelength.

Music related accounts

EQlzr users

To respect people’s privacy, add your own account only.

See also

  • audio.confederac.io - Funkwhale instance welcoming music and podcasts for freedom lovers.
  • funkwhale.thurk.org - instance devoted to Flavigula and associated music. Feel free to create an account and add your own music, but unfortunately, I cannot guarantee the instance will be up 100% of the time (perhaps 94% of the time, though).
  • vocalounge.cafe - instance dedicated to singing voice synthesis software like VOCALOID.
  • SoNoMu Club - Mastodon instance for makers of sound and writers of music. We strive for high S/N ratio, looking for folks already familiar with fediverse who are looking for music-focused community. See our local timeline and this toot how to join. Run by @lukap

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I have created this meeting point after noticing that even in the small group that is EQlzr today there are several people active in the Fediverse.

Please help boosting this post, maybe we will find more music producers and people alike.


Hi, I’ve been using https://mastodon.social for a while, and before that https://quitter.se (now defunkt) and identi.ca, and still have an a/c on https://indy.im (the oldest continuous running gnusocial in the world)…

Very much like the “village” feel that federated social networks have


I’m an admin at red.confederac.io, a small mastodon node. Also a supporter of audio.confederac.io, a Funkwhale node where from time to time I upload CreativeCommons music that I purchase in Bandcamp.


Hey there! Discovered this place on Mastodon, actually! I’m over at https://vocalounge.cafe, it’s an instance dedicated to singing voice synthesis software like VOCALOID


Welcome @MystSaphyr! Oh my, vocalounge.cafe! Please add it to the list of nodes above.

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Hey there, I’m Samuel and I’m a mastering engineer using an entirely FOSS and (most of the time) DIY hardware workflow. I’m an active linux user and can be found at @openmsatering@mastodon.social. I also have a pixelfed account for those who like shiny knobs and metering.
I hope I can help people with producing, mixing and altogether linuxaudio. See you


added you from my account on toot.site - cheers!

@MystSaphyr I took the liberty to edit the first post adding your instance there. Feel free to improve the description (and anything else you want want to add).

I followed your links and I watched some of your videos. Oh my, I had no idea about all this phenomenon! Although now that I have learned about it it makes total sense, in the conjunction of pop/dance music, technology, anime, the Internet… If you want to write / recycle / share a post about how you produce your music and/or about the community/ies you participate, it would be very welcome!

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Hey ! Saw this boosted into my Mastodon feed, decided to pop in, say hi.

I’m a musician, light to moderate user of Linux, supporter of Creative Commons (my music/recordings are CC) and I’m finding myself interested in nature field recordings.

For the curious – and without spamming a bunch of links – most of what I mentioned can be found in my bio here. :slight_smile:


It just occurred to me that we can use our very official and very verified account @EQlzr@social.anartist.org to boost toots you find interesting. Just @ping. 26 followers today. :slight_smile:

I cannot promise to check the account every day, but I often do.


I’m Mike. Have been home recording for about 50 years. Once ran a music (instrument) store. I also write fediverse software with a focus on creatives and privacy. I can be found at mike@z.macgirvin.com .



  • @controlfreak@mastodon.art - dark electronics, hardened underground veteran, have tried all the giant killer platforms and woah has mileage VARIED

Hi, Jay from control.org here. was afraid to edit above. As an old guard that came up artistically in the analogue and physical eras, I’ve been casually documenting and mental roladexing a 4 year long quest to be as open source, anti surveillance capitalism and corporate middle man as possible from farm to plate with my music. spoiler alert it’s hard.

I also like searching #cc #cc-sa out in the fedi for kindred spirits