EQlzr Radar - June 2020

#eqlzr-radar is about sharing links about interesting things going on: music releases, videos, podcasts, articles… anything, really. Just paste the link, and optionally a comment. You can also reply to anything that has been posted.

Diego Delso / CC BY-SA

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These days I’m trying to fish out interesting videos with way less viewers than they deserve (while others at similar levels get a disproportionate because algorithms).

For instance:

Now I feel bad about adding a video watched by millions, but keep reading.

This song has made it to the Billboard top #1, and it has written by Nija, who says:

Wow. Wow. Wow. My first #1. For a little over 2 years, I’ve been chasing this moment. It’s hard to celebrate one of my biggest accomplishments right now with so much going on, but thank you to everyone apart of this record as well as everyone who’s been cheering from the sidelines. This record means so much to me because this is a POP record. Me being a black woman, people sometimes try to pigeonhole me thinking that I’m just an “urban writer.” So I want to thank you @ladygaga, @arianagrande & especially @bloodpop for giving me this chance & allowing me to show people I’m more than their expectations. Congrats to everyone :pray:t4:

Very nice!

Melanie C is back. Another video with a music hit? Yes, sorry, I find interesting the role playing, the role model.

MPW // A Beginners Guide to Logic Pro X \ Ayla

Building Tension With London Contemporary Orchestra Strings

#DailyVibes “Revolutionary” by Desarae Dee

I recommend you to listen/watch the other pieces Desarae Dee is posting these days because they are sign of our times.

A new video podcast starting today: Women in Stereo.

She responded to her bullies in the best way | Women in Stereo Ep. 1

Producing a Pop Song - Dandelion - Gabbie Hanna

What I find interesting about this video is that the music producer opens the file of a song she produced three years ago, and revisits it.

LYRE Music is a good channel to follow if you are interested in pop music production.

Hi! We’re a team of female producers and songwriters called LYRE, and we’re here to help you learn music production, songwriting, and music business! Expect lots of Ableton music production tutorials, songwriting tips, tricks to help you record vocals, and general info on how to become a better producer and songwriter.

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Slow Ammo is an educator at Beats By Girlz Denmark. She is also a producer, songwriter and singer. ‘Evolution’ is her debut single – released this week! This video is produced by Mai Staunsager aka AWAI and in my opinion integrates perfectly with the song.

New Waldorf Iridium, and gosh if this s not good marketing for its target audience:

And now I’m clearly going off track here, but when you love Moloko and Donna Summer and then The Algorithm presents THIS, what can you do?

Alright, so I just happen to find about Giorgia Angiuli.

She can mobilize 14 artists for a song that donates its earnings to Red Cross for their work on COVID-19. Very good!

The song is pop and if you wish a bit cheesy, but the cause is good, collaboration online is hard, the vibe is good and yeah, it’s great that there are are artists collaborating in such projects.

Now this is the same Giorgia Angiuli, at home. Watch the beginning, and if you don’t have 30 minutes then skip to different segments in the video. I’m impressed!

An interesting toot from the #fediverse featuring Be Free, an interesting track by Ah-Mer-Ah-Su, #black and #transgender artist. Via @Samuel. Thank you!

#inverno says:

Onda Morna. Set recorded at the K. Warehouse is now available on SoundCloud.

(Listening to it as I type these words.)

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Something different.

Music career & reputation advice. Consistency and quality don’t matter :man_shrugging:t5:

Provide value to people. Point blank period.

COVER TUESDAYS (Feat. Uriel Humphrey): June 23 2020

By Desarae Dee.

@dj_enby was telling to @holokin

ukg - UK Garage! I lived in London during 1999-2001 and this mention brings me fond memories. Is it just a coincidence that the same day the post above was posted I was watching this video?

(This is not recent but I’m squeezing it in the radar nevertheless.)

Something different.

I Tried Beethoven’s Daily Routine: Here’s What Happened

By Mary Spender, singer, songwriter and guitarist based in the UK.

… and before closing this June Radar, since UK Garage has been a topic this month… I found this tutorial interesting: