EQlzr Radar - July 2020

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I, Luc Viatour / CC BY-SA

I listen to this podcast occasionally. I had a Moderat phase, and for this reason I listened to this episode about an Apparat’s song with special interest. Interesting story, and very tender. There is an instant where Anja Plaschg’s words and voice are so beautiful and personal that they made me shed a couple of tears.

Another podcast that I’m subscribed to: Switched on Pop. Their recent episode I Am America (with Shea Diamond and Justin Tranter) is highly recommended. How a song produced on a rush for HBO had the musical ingredients to become an anthem and an affirmation of trans people visibility and rights.

The song:

The show:

Alright, here is a sequence of clicks from today, full of discoveries:

It all started when draco followed our Mastodon account.

This toot with a SuperCollider tutorial embedded got my attention, and I started watching:

I had no idea about SuperCollider! Oh my. Do you know that feeling when you want to clone yourself?

After a quick search, I land here:

While I don’t understand where the analog violin ends and sound synthesis starts, I find this impromptu recorded just last week by Sound Engraver captivating.

And from there I end this long shot with this fresh track filled with peace, calm, and clean waves.

I don’t know what happened exactly, but this video by KIN4LIFE was released almost four years ago…


“Black in AmeriKKKa” talks about the injustice we face as black people in AMERIKKKA. If you can’t relate, that’s fine, but respect what we go through.

… and probably because absolutely nothing has changed or improved since then, now they are releasing this track to all major online platforms:

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Are you into producing beats?


Calling all producers. I’m teaming up with Rémy Martin to launch the #HouseBeatsChallenge. Produce a track with a beat made from a household object. We’re choosing 5 winners to receive a $500 gift card and virtual happy hour with me and #RemyProducers like [Jermaine Dupri, Murda Beatz, TRAKGIRL and Zaytoven.] Visit RemyMartin.com for terms and conditions.

Fresh from yesterday:

MOMO NYX x Princess Century - Solitude

Collaborative project of band duo MOMO NYX (Pepper Levain x Molyneaux, Berlin/Athens) x electronic producer Princess Century (Toronto/Berlin)

Found thanks to #female-pressure. Interesting to imagine how these connections came into place, when the place is Athens (great background for this video, and I appreciate the Antifa instant). Also, this “tourist” shirt… as someone born in Barcelona I was touched. :slight_smile:

The mention to Dua Lipa is a bit clickbait-ish, but at least for someone who grew up in the 80s, this video by LYRE Music was interesting.

I like Death of Codes and this got me curious… Turns out Crystal Cage just released the album Accursed Acolyte Evermore Casting and this video:

Great use of public domain works (The Golem) totally fitting a contemporary piece of music!

PS: Oh wait, and a second video just released on Saturday.

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what’s cool is the video CC made for the song I wrote with their synths contains footage from the miniseries based on the book from whence my mom chose my first name :smiley:

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Techno Kick Recipe by Yan Cook.

July has been a prolific month for some EQlrz members!





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Appreciate the mention, but I want to be sure everyone knows that “The Dance Singles” is just a repackaging of stuff from 2016. Nothing new there, and actually very dated in sound and style compared to what I write now.

I do have an EP coming August 14th, though, titled “The One We Nearly Lost”. It’s all new music, and available for pre-order on Bandcamp.

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@es2600fm has released a new album today:

Congratulations! Epic, cinematic… and committed to low bit rate perhaps?

This has excellent '80s sci-fi energy.

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