EQlzr needs YOU here and now

Today, after six weeks of life, EQlzr has 29 members. It starts to be the time to decide whether there is a need for a new volunteer-driven community of music producers based on the principles of diversity and equality.

EQlzr aims to become a community for music producers of all levels and styles, all genders and colors, independent and free. This platform is born with EQuality at its heart, starting with gender equality and continuing with all the rest, skin color, age, body characteristics, geographic location, languages spoken, cultural background, economic condition… The hypothesis is that there is a need for such community. Many activist groups exist, fortunately the list keeps growing, and EQlzr could become a platform for showcase, outreach, exchange and coordination between individual music producers and these groups. We are trying to prove this hypothesis by walking the talk.

EQlzr is a platform sustained and governed by its members. There is no company or group behind. What you see is what you get. If you miss or dislike something, you can propose to improve it and you can improve it yourself. You can make EQlzr yours, for you and the groups you are involved. The only requirement is to get involved.

It is clear that today EQlzr misses many things in addition to more producers. What do we offer exactly? The intention is to build the platform openly with the participation of its members. We already offer a moderated forum, private groups, an agenda, a map, possibilities to promote your projects… What do you miss? What do you need? Let’s build it!

The only true requirement for a community are… members. No members, no community. Likes, mentions and follows in social media are very welcome and motivating, but ultimately EQlzr’s future depends on having a critical mass of members here.

If you think this idea is worth a chance, please join.

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And here comes user number 30! :heart: :heart: :heart: