EQlzr governance

EQlzr is an open community project driven by volunteers

Any person can assume any project role if they are trusted by their peers. All project roles are proposed and assigned publicly. All project details are public. Passwords and personal private data remain private and are not shared.

Code of conduct

Our code of conduct defines how everyone without exception is expected to behave in order to contribute to a welcoming, respectful and safe space. This project is actively moderated.

The rule of three

If three members agree that an objective is good for the project, they can proceed in the name of the project. This is a tool for empowerment and self-organization. The community has mechanisms to protect itself.

Trust levels

All community members have a trust level estimated automatically based on their activity and the appreciation they receive. Higher trust levels give access to more features. Trust levels play a role in moderation and assignment of roles.

  1. New β€” Just landed.
  2. Basic β€” Around a couple times.
  3. Member β€” Routinely around.
  4. Regular β€” Very active and reliable.


Maintaining a community requires work and special permissions to do that work. This work is organized in project roles. We strive to have three persons for each role and nobody in more than three roles, for better organization and continuity.

  • Administrators β€” Maintenance of the server and the site + granting roles.
  • Moderators β€” Handling of reports on content and users.
  • Category moderators β€” Moderation in a specific category.
    • ? - ? - ?
  • Language moderators β€” Moderation in a specific language.
    • ? - ? - ?
  • Mailboxes and social accounts

Anyone can volunteer for a role, they just have to declare their interest. Everyone is invited to encourage good candidates to volunteer for roles. It is recommended but not required that candidates have a β€œMember” trust level.

Changes in governance

Governance is all about trust. The system described here can be interpreted flexibly, can be adapted to circumstances, and can be changed. The community has mechanisms to protect itself.

If you have questions or suggestions, just reply.

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