Building EQlzr - July 2020

EQlzr is a platform built by its contributors. Get involved! If there is something you don’t see or don’t understand, just ask.

July 2020 - Projects and collectives


Last month EQlzr defined a basic proposal for individual music producers and DJs. This month we want to do the same for projects and collectives.


Points marked with a :question: are craving for your feedback. They will move forward only if they are supported by three members.

:x: Complete documentation for new projects and collectives v1.0.
:x: Promoting EQlzr among African producers and DJs.
:x: Promoting EQlzr among Indian producers and DJs.
:question: Decide on A more lightweight, “forum-looking” homepage?
:question: Decide on Dark or light theme by default?
:question: #meeting-points for Soundcloud, CurrentsFM, Spotify, Ardour… other?
:question: Topics by producers with video channels?
:question: Private groups?


August 2020 or later

If there is a sudden interest in any of these points, we can start discussing them.

:question: Gender outreach to transgender / non-binary producers and DJs?
:question: Regional outreach to Africa, India, Latin America, Middle East…?
:question: More languages other than English?
:question: Reviewed structure of tags.
:question: Category about video production?
:question: More social logins? (we can enable Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn and/or Discord logins)
:question: Custom fields in user profiles? (e.g. Soundcloud page, Basecamp page…)
:question: Banners for categories? (to “brand” categories or making them visually attractive)
:question: Custom wizard for newcomers?
:question: Chat integration? (EQlzr updates to Slack, Telegram, Discord, Matrix and more)
:question: Custom badges?
:question: Reply via email?

See also: Building EQlzr - May 2020.


I’m interested in hearing opinions about this. Is it worth investing time updating the monthly radar?

On a second thought… we don’t seem to have a critical mass for discussing UI changes. I have moved two points of this month’s plan from :x: to :question:, meaning that we can work on them if there is an interest:

And I have added two new points that in my opinion are more urgent & important for the project now:

The goodness of regional diversity is intrinsic, and so far we are replicating the usual pattern of Western Europe and North America. Not good.

Indian producers and DJs because they are legions and they are native English speakers.

African producers and DJs, for the same reasons and we can start focusing on countries where English is also spoken natively / officially.

I hope to find a couple of ambassadors for each region and then open a topic for each to coordinate efforts. If you have ideas and/or contacts, please share them!

The signs are clear. EQlzr isn’t taking off. My approaches to projects and organizations are being met with silence, no matter how invested in diversity they are or how small, alternative… Ultimately this means that here and now, people are not seeing enough value in EQlzr as to step in. This can be caused by many factors, some related to EQlzr, some external.

In any case, the best and most sincere feedback people can give are their actions and no-actions. I’m running out of steam and ideas. I have slowed down already, partly to rest a bit, partly to see whether others step in. Let’s see what happens or happens-not between now and the end of the month.

I am sorry, friend. I want this to become something important, even if it’s a ‘minor’ kind of importance. But I’ve never been the charismatic leader type, nor have I the strength of character or possess good ideas.

Just give it time. It’s a very new forum, and it’s also a forum for something that is, for all intents and purposes, very niche. I wouldn’t expect it to be so bustling in its first year. For example, I had the misfortune of a similar ideal when I started a Mastodon instance with a certain theme; didn’t really pan out for almost a whole year.

There is potential here, but I’m not the best pick for keeping things active. I don’t know how to explain it properly. :S

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Thank you @lwr82, this is very good advice. I can run a marathon, I only need to set myself mentally for a marathon path. :slight_smile:

I also need very little input. A comment here, a :heart: there, a new account from time to time… is all what I really need to keep going as an admin of this project.

Maybe a Linux meeting point?

Several members have mentioned that they produce music on Linux: @genericperson @MystSaphyr @Ricardus @the_emergent and maybe more.

@paul has presented two proposals:

I’m going to promote them among our members.

It’s important to recognize that building spaces takes time, yeah. I only found out about this place today, and only because my partner came across it… somewhere. I think it was mentioned somewhere on a Mastodon account they follow. It’ll take time for word to spread.

Best thing current users can do for the site is try to remain as active on the site as life allows, so that whenever someone new does come upon it, there’s recent content to read and engage with. (Second best thing current users can do is obviously tell other musically inclined people in their circles about Eqlzr.)

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