Building EQlzr - August 2020

EQlzr is a platform built by its contributors. Get involved!

Here we discuss the work done during August 2020. See #building-eqlzr for previous months.

Current tasks

:white_check_mark: 2020-08-03 Upgrade Discourse - see Discourse 2.5 released!
:white_check_mark: 2020-08-05 Changed the RSS feed for automatic posts at from the top monthly to the top weekly. This should increase the amount of automatic statuses but still at a reasonable rate.
:drum: New category suggestion: Process
:drum: New category suggestion: sound design
:drum: Decide on A more lightweight, “forum-looking” homepage? - Featured Tiles Theme Component has been installed. What do you think?
:drum: Decide on Dark or light theme by default?

Possible tasks

What should we do next? Share your thoughts. The list below doesn’t have a specific order. If you have more suggestions, you can add them.

:question: Complete documentation for new projects and collectives v1.0.
:question: Promoting EQlzr among African producers and DJs.
:question: Promoting EQlzr among Indian producers and DJs.
:question: #meeting-points for Soundcloud, CurrentsFM, Spotify, Ardour… other?
:question: Topics by producers with video channels?
:question: Private groups?
:question: Outreach to transgender / non-binary producers and DJs?
:question: Outreach to Africa, India, Latin America, Middle East…?
:question: More languages other than English?
:question: Reviewed structure of tags.
:question: Category about video production?
:question: More social logins? (we can enable Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn and/or Discord logins)
:question: Custom fields in user profiles? (e.g. Soundcloud page, Basecamp page…)
:question: Banners for categories? (to “brand” categories or making them visually attractive)
:question: Custom wizard for newcomers?
:question: Chat integration? (EQlzr updates to Slack, Telegram, Discord, Matrix and more)
:question: Custom badges?
:question: Reply via email?

See also: Building EQlzr - July 2020


At Building EQlzr - July 2020 @lwr82 and @Midnight-Animals made very good points about the time it takes to build awareness and critical mass for a forum. I’m taking this advice to heart and in order to be better prepared for the long run I am trimming unnecessary workload maintaining the forum.

  • I haven’t tried to define monthly goals this time.
  • I haven’t produced the monthly metrics report.
  • I haven’t started an #eqlzr-radar for August. Given the current low traffic, it is better to promote new topics whenever anyone feels like creating one, and they create more movement and diversity of topics in the main page.

What I have done this month so far:

Changed the RSS feed for automatic posts at from the top monthly to the top weekly. This should increase the amount of automatic statuses but still at a reasonable rate.

Upgraded Discourse. If you are curious about the new features, see below:

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The promotion and outreach goals might be a good place to focus energy right now. They’d seem to be the most likely way to keep bringing people in until that can start happening more organically.

I’d also have a preference for discussing the homepage, since I don’t find the blocks format all that easy to mentally process.

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@Midnight-Animals thank you for chiming in.

About promotion, I strongly agree. It’s just that I am a bit at loss about where to focus, and even about whether promotions should be targeting a specific group and then another or try out different audiences at once. I have tried many things, with obvious mixed results. Ideas welcome!

About the homepage and the UI in general, I have moved these two tasks to “Current tasks”:

:question: Decide on A more lightweight, “forum-looking” homepage?
:question: Decide on Dark or light theme by default?

We can discuss, or… I could just do the switch to the lightweight homepage and light theme, and see what are the reactions. Reverting back is easy, and we could even keep switching and trying combinations until we find a good solution.

Basically, discussing design is done much better with prototypes. One advantage about the small amount of users we have is that we can prototype with our actual site. :slight_smile:


I prefer the dark theme, but I’m not really sure which theme would be best for new visitors. I tend to find that the dark theme is easy on my eyes at night and still readable during the day.

As for the homepage, the current format was disorienting when I first visited the site. I imagine we lose some of the “attraction image” factor by switching to a forum style page, but it might make the site more approachable for new arrivals.

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Featured Tiles Theme Component has been installed. Check our new main page. What do you think?

Hi, I just wanted to explain my silence these days. Sometimes work and other parts of life require more attention, and this is one of those times. Things at work are intense, and if I can afford to maintain this project and to learn some music is because I have a job (obvious, right?) :slight_smile: