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Here is a topic to discuss everything Bitwig. Just reply with your comment.

If the conversation catches up we can think about expanding to specialized topics and an own category. For now, there is also this tags that you can use and follow: #bitwig.

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Bitwig 3.2 has been released today, and it features… a new Equalizer (pun very intended). I just had to feature it here:

Anyone else using Bitwig? I’m a humble user of 10% (or less) of its potential. Beautiful toy.

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Novation Launchpad Pro Mk3 - Support for Bitwig Studio!

Many people have been waiting for this: The Novation Launchpad Pro Mk3 is now supported for Bitwig Studio! Also some new goodies which I ported back to the other Launchpad models. Install DrivenByMoss to get the support. Get it from:

(I don’t have a Novation etc but maybe you do, and in any case the demo is very interesting. This is also a small tribute to all the developers working behind the scenes so we can get some sound out of all this silicon and plastic!)

This is too good not to post it, even if nobody else has shown up here yet.

(In the lines of Polychromatic Music posted by @kat)

Again, I cannot stop myself. So impressive. A versatile instrument (preset) created from the samples of a kalimba:


On vacation and semi-locked, I found enough time and rest to finally dig into a facet of Bitwig that I wanted to try: music with randomization.

I took some basic instruments, created basic scenes with each, applied a logic to jump randomly between scenes, added some empty scenes to let instruments pause for a couple of bars also randomly, and then just added some reverb to the bass (on a random basis, yes) and some EQ to the master (not random but based on an unpredictable combination of LFOs).

I haven’t spent much time on higher complexity of sounds or better mixing polish. It’s a proof of concept and I think it provides five minutes of decent danceable music. The project files are available here:

Thank you to Polarity for being a main source of Bitwig learning and inspiration, especially when it comes to generative music (which Jonc is not, but is my first step in that direction).