Bandcamp meeting point

This is a meeting point for people active in Bandcamp and also for anyone willing to learn more.

Bandcamp is an online store where artists and labels upload their music and control how they sell it, setting their own prices, offering fans the option to pay more and selling merchandise (more).

Artists and labels

Anyone can help collecting artists and labels here. To keep it cozy, they must have an EQlzr account.


To respect people’s privacy, add your own account only.

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Today many artists (including some EQlzr users!) are publishing new releases in Bandcamp:

Today, from midnight to midnight Pacific Time, we’re waiving our share of sales to support artists impacted by Covid-19. Below you’ll find a list of artists and labels preparing special releases for Friday, including those donating their share to organizations in support of racial justice and change.

It is a good day to inaugurate this meeting point and start promoting EQlzr members with music available in Bandcamp.

Released today:

From @deathofcodes

And from various artists remixing @indigo’s album Ferrum

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CJ Run has been a source of inspiration for me creating this project in its earliest days. If you can, please buy their music in support.

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As seen on the #fediverse:


Today is Bandcamp Friday! Dedicated to artists impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

I have updated the list of EQlzr members with music published in Bandcamp. 13 artists, unless I have missed someone. We start having material for a compilation! :wink:

I just learned about this:

Buy Music Club is a place for creating and browsing lists of independent music purchasable on Bandcamp.

Our favorite lists, updated daily.

We’ve curated a selection of our favorite lists that you’ve submitted.

I ended up here thanks to a link pointing to a list about diversity by _rsrsm:

And I learned about this DJ thanks to this post:

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Tried to add myself to the artist list at the top, but the editor forbade my edit because “You can’t mention more than 10 people in a post.” Is there an alternate process for getting onto the list above?

@Midnight-Animals yeah, true, someone else reported this problem and I forgot. I shouldn’t have used mentions to list users. I will fix it later today.

EDIT: Aaaand fixed. @Midnight-Animals please try now.

Got myself added now. Thank you for the assistance!

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I’m really excited to use ‘community’ tab on bandcamp. And of course hopefully soon - bandcamp subscriptions. They enable every artist to run their own music club, where people subscribe and pay monthly fee to receive things that artist releases - all in quite a simple way.

Anyone has thoughts about the community and subscription features on Bandcamp? Is this good or bad? Do you think it will take more work for artists to engage or less if they concetrate most of their fanbase on Bandcamp?

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In the long term, I’d really love to see Bandcamp become a more central place for fans and artists to connect. Right now, Bandcamp’s fan features aren’t that great, and don’t even come close to the kind of experience listeners have acclimated to through streaming services like Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, etc.

I’ve avoided the community tab on Bandcamp because it seems to primarily rely on email and that feels like it would really spam fans’ email boxes if every artist posted frequently to their community tabs.

Subscriptions seem a lot more promising, but also feel held back by Bandcamp’s limited fan experience (as mentioned above.) At the moment, nearly all of my support comes through Patreon, and I haven’t found a lot of willingness from those supporters to migrate.

As negative as all of that may sound, I really want Bandcamp to become the hub for independent artists. Community and subscription are good features, but they’re not well positioned for success.

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