Artists/content creators using PeerTube

Hope this is the right place. I made a recent post on Masto about PeerTube, and it got me thinking:

  • What other artists are using PeerTube for their content?
  • Is anyone (here or elsewhere) unsure about what to put up?
  • Is there a musician’s PT?
  • What are some things that we need more of to get it more notice?

I’m not into the :open_mouth: style thumbnails, nor a majority of what is on YouTube. I lean toward the likes of Curtis Judd, Free To Use Sounds, Tom Scott, etc. Far more specific areas, but that’s what it is. :stuck_out_tongue:

At the moment, it’s still hard to find videos, but I don’t know if that’s a lack of uploads/variety, or if it’s because of how ActivityPub works–something like, instances have to see each other to know each other exist. Chicken and the egg problem, afaict.

I hope this is the right category, though.

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Great idea @lwr82! Maybe we can morph this topic into a PeerTube #meeting-points, neighbor of Fediverse meeting point?

After a very quick search I found one instance and what seems to be an artist publishing their own work:

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I publish my videos on

(other video channels under that account:


Indeed, has a category for Music.

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you are right, peertube is hard to find music videos perhaps partly due to tagging and local searching, partly due to the nature of federation/blocking/searching, party due to a plain lack of musical content.

I’ve noticed an interesting paradox over the past two years I’ve been in the fedi with transient peertube instances and having to start over. Haven’t felt the stability or the general usage to justify rolling out more catalogue to it yet. Certainly have tried a few times and I deleted all my works from youtube a few years ago.

I appreciate and am fully supportive of the peertube concept and still watching with interest but the penetration to date has been lacklustre.

Correspondingly, I notice much more response in the fedi to linking bandcamp, other platforms than peertube or even just inclusive short clip style posts in say masto. Unsure if there is some aversion to peertube embeds but I do try.

Most of the normals in the fediverse still link now playing tags to youtube as its where “everything” is. Right now it feels as a music creator that peertube is a repository you drive ears to via another following rather than strangers finding you organically via peertube ecosystem alone.

classic chicken and egg

good luck out there


I’ve recently taken to the Tchncs PeerTube – which, now that I think about it, is something I forgot to mention in my original post:

It’s easy to host, but the cost of hosting is the hard part. It’d be nice to do high-res stuff, but those videos can sometimes be gigabytes in size, which isn’t feasible when, say, multiple people are doing it. It really adds up.

There’s BitTube, but 1) it’s a company, and 2) their info mentions something to do with blockchain. I don’t know if I’d trust that, but maybe it’s good? I don’t know.

hey team. the maker of fedilab has tooted some work in progress and gauging interest in a peertube app. again, still unsure about the quality of tagging and searching, and very unsure about how that could work unauthenticated but may if it could search all instances and be kinda like NewPipe, definitely be work keeping an eye on.

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I just found this instance focused on classical music: