Ardour 6 - "Early Adopters"?

I have been using the version of Ardour (5.12) and have seen a fair amount of buzz about their new offering. There aren’t packages in my variant yet (kxstudio) and I haven’t delved deeply enough to see if there are any growing pains.

I am fortunately in the “ramping up” phase of a project so I can shift around the software now if need be and am not locked in. I’m also asking here rather than on the Ardour discourse because… they might be a bit biased over there :laughing:

I remember several people joining from the #fediverse mentioning Ardour somewhere, but I cannot recall exactly who. They are among us, and maybe they find this topic. The #ardour tag has just been created. :slight_smile:

For what is worth, I posted this a few weeks ago:


The feature list is impressive, but from a strafing of the forums, there aren’t distro-approved packages out about (I use Linux) and as such, the results have been mixed for some.

I’m quite interested in the corrections to the midi workflow and the latency corrections, both of which have been a sticking point for me when trying to record midi and live instruments on a project.

I grabbed A6 the moment it was released. I haven’t used it for anything mission critical yet, but I have used it with some diagnostic software to calibrate some mic preamps I just built, and it worked as expected. But the calibration procedure doesn’t really stress it or anything.

You can subscribe and download binaries from their site. You can subscribe for as low at $1 a month.

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True, yet one of the people having plugin and project issues on the ardour discourse got the official binaries. On the plus side they got a dev to jump on and get them into the bug tracker.

Not to neg on the thing, or even going about chipping in $$$ (which I’ll be doing regardless). For what I’m doing right now, it’s a little on the soon side to jump up to 6 until I get a better feel of how it’s holding up for early adopters in real world situations.