Akkamiau showcasing on Man vs Maschine

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live set Hithertoo with 3D animation of a raving monster Pan, created by Anastasiia Holumbovska

YouTube stream

Audiovisual artist, experimental musician, performer, concept writer, event manager and coordinator, resident in Berlin. She has been coordinator and booker of female:pressure Circle and festival Perspectives Berlin since 2013. Currently performs as hiT͟Hərˈto͞o live experimental techno, as Akkamiau she released EP Interjections [DETUND, 2019] and produced a/v performance Interjections (Liminal Act) in cooperation with collapsetofraction collective. Akkamiau hosted radio shows at Colaboradio, Cashmere radio; regularly DJs on local techno events with focus on the emotional power of sound frequencies, presenting delicate mixture of experimental and dance music.


Hey, thanks a lot for sharing!!! :smiley: i suggest to check also all the other streams featured, as they is plenty cool music there!

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I added the text description. You (and anyone) can add further details clicking “Edit”. I’m preparing dinner right now. I can add more details later if nobody beats me at it. :slight_smile:

now streaming! finally :)) https://www.facebook.com/Manvsmachine01/videos/557585004912202/

@akkamiau I Ching says Perseverance brings fortune, and I am happy that your second attempt was successful.

I will confess that before meeting you in this forum I hadn’t heard anything about your works. I will confess that, since then, I am slowly scanning your production in Soundcloud. :slight_smile: There is one track that my brain had already selected days ago, and by this I mean that came to mind from time to time even if I had listened to it only once:

Yesterday your included in your session, this time coupled with the dancing image of Anastasiia’s monster Pan. I found this to be a perfect combination, and I think now the Choices music and the Pan image are hardwired in my neurons together.

Kudos to Anastasiia! That is a very strong image, I think it calls something we humans have deep inside.

One question, what is the difference between Akkamiau and hiT͟Hərˈto͞o?

Hi Quim! sorry for late follow up on this, was busy times and if i dont have to be online, i rather spend time in the garden, helping black birds with all the newly hatched babies! hey, thanks for such a nice feedback! me and anastasiia are very close to each other in a sense of character, spontaneously asked her last year to work with me on previous project called Interjections and our work matched together so well! we work separately, also this was just an idea when i saw her short clip with this monster to someone’s else music… haha i thought… oh i can imagine this works perfect with my music :D. so i asked anastasiia, and she also recorded her dance moves to the music :] we both like to go deep and dark i guess! Thanks for the listening, glad you are feeling the message from there! Hithertoo is my project, which appeared around 2012, and it had just so different energy than akkamiau art stuff, that i felt it needs another name/attitude. Lately, the energies are mixed, but I tried to keep Hithertoo for live dance sets, genre experimental techno, while akkamiau is for anything else, a/v work, singing and all other sound experiments, also organizing… dont you feel you need to name yourself differently for different roles? I somehow use it as “making order” of quite messy mind of mine :smiley: hihi! Im gonna invite now ppl from f:p, will share post in our fcb group. cao lena

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Thank you this glimpse to “the backstage”.

Absolutely! As a related anecdote, when creating my account here I had to think whether I wanted to carry “icaria36” (an old companion in digital adventures) or something else.

:]. icaria is after voyage en icarie i assume? btw, my first login on bbs in 90s was “latexufkolon”. hahaha, super deep concept behind it/ but yahoo email thought differently and soon i had so much cool bondage spam in my email ahhaah

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Yes! And related connections. In the XIXth century there was an attempt to create a commune called Icària in what today is called Poblenou in Barcelona, not far away from what had been the Sonar location in front of the beach.

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