8-bit Music Theory

If you like music theory, I can’t recommend the youtube channel “8 bit music theory” enough.

Here’s the music theory minute section

The breakdowns of classic video game pieces of music are really well done.


oh i binged that series all at once some time ago, and i particularly took interest in their series on hollow knight as well!


What an interesting channel! Subscribed. :slight_smile:

I took the liberty to spin off this thread, which now dedicated to 8-bit Music Theory. Share your preferred episodes or any other comments!

With an own topic, the first post is editable and we can insert tags. It is our first topic about music #theory!

Thank you @holokin for bringing the topic in your introduction and thank you @genericperson for picking it up.


i’ll go ahead and link a specific video, then!

this one is part of a three-part series, it’s particularly good if you want to bring a greater sense of cohesion to your albums! it’s also, quite obviously, a tactic used very heavily in video game music : p